Saturday, May 30, 2009

We Are Less Than a Pixel!

The images below depict the size of the earth compared to some planets and stars. Labels are in Portuguese, unfortunately, but I guess the planets and their names are easily recognizeable. The pictures give us an idea of how small we are in such a huge universe.

And some people still kill and die for temporarily ownership and power over minimal parts of that small fraction of a pixel. People that fight for having influence and power for an ephemeral instant in time in a very small point in space. For some reason, I think a smile is more important. I think fun is more important. A hug and a kiss. I think love is more important. Love for people, not for things. "To be" rather than "to have". For some reason I think such things transcend our tiny size and influence in this huge and indifferent Universe.

I don't know who to credit for the images. I've got them from an Orkut community without any reference.

The video below is well related to this post, and actually inspired it, together with the images above. The video is by Carl Sagan, American astronomer and writer of whom I am a big fan.

This post was translated from the original in my blog in portuguese published in August 2008.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Warlord's Song

("A Canção do Senhor da Guerra" by "Legião Urbana" freely translated to English)

There is someone
Waiting for you
Who will buy
Your youth
And convince you to win...

One more meaningless war
There are already so many children
With guns in their hands
But they explain again
That the war generates jobs
Increases production...

A war always develops
Even if it's a holy
Hot, warm or cold war
Why exporting food?
If weapons are more lucrative
To export...

There is someone
Counting on you
To fight in his place
Since in this war
It's not him who dies...

And when far from home
Wounded and cold
The enemy you await
He'll be with other old men
New war games...

What wonderful scenes
Of destruction
We shall have no more problems
With overpopulation

Look what a beautiful uniform
We made for you
Always remember
That God is
On the winner's side

The warlord
Does not like children...(6x)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


In Brazil, we call this a "golaço". Corinthians 0x1 Internacional. Brazilian Championship 2009.