Friday, June 12, 2009

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat, that's my new sport. It's a boat with about 20 people rowing. It requires strenght and stamina, but also technique and timing. If the 20 people row to the same pace, the boat goes faster. That's why some boats bring a drum on board, so that a leader can dictate the rowing rhythm. I'll be rowing in the next Tuesday and Thursday evenings, while both the summer and my patience last. The guys are talking about competing when we get properly trained. That might be interesting...
Picture taken from here. Original post here.


Sapna said...

Reminds me of the snake boats (Chundan Vallam in Malayalam) we have in Kerala. They are 100-160ft in length and can contain upto 120-130 people including the singers and the captain.

The Kings of Alappuzha(a place in Kerala) are supposed to have built them to help in wars. Nowadays, during Onam(a festival), there is an annual boat race.

Places so far away, but similarities in culture..... right ?

Well, good luck... just take care with the rhythm :)

Leonardo said...

Yep, I am sure this sport has it's origins in Asia. I know in china there are many dragon boat festivals and big competitions. Even the name "dragon boat" is quite related to China, since the dragon is a symbol of that country and culture. Good to know there is also an Indian version!

Tavico said...

Congrats on the blog, Leonardo!